December 5, 2014

Install Wordpress in your Computer (Localhost)

In these days, wordpress has become the best and most popular blogging platform in the world. So, we every blogger must know how to use wordpress. So, I thought to bring you a valuable and complete tutorial about Using of Wordpress. The special thing is I have created videos for every wordpress lesson, so you can watch them and easily learn how to use wordpress correctly. This is the first lesson of Wordpress.

How to install wordpress

There’re two ways to install wordpress. One is installing in your computer (localhost) and other one is installing in a web server (Web Hosting Service).
As a junior, you have to install wordpress in your computer and then you can use web hosting service.

Files Needed
Before starting installation you have to download three files from internet.

       1) Xampp Server (You can also use Wampp Server)
       2) Latest Wordpress Zip File (Currently Wordpress 4.0)
       3) Any web browser – Firefox, Chrome (If you haven’t )

Then install Xampp server in your computer. Remember to install all services provided by Xampp server. Otherwise you must have installed any web browser to continue installation of wordpress.

Main Steps
After complete Xampp installation, open your web browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin or in the address bar. This will take you to the database management section of the Xampp server.
Now you have to create a new database for installing wordpress. This database is very important because, every change we make in wordpress is saved in this database. So be aware!
To create new database,
  • click on databases tab.
  • Give a name to database. 
  • Then click create.
Now navigate to your wordpress zip file and open it using WinRar. (If you haven’t WinRar yet, download it from here)

Open wordpress folder and select all sub folders and files then right click and select “Extract to the specified folder”. Then create a new folder and rename it as your database name. You must type the database name correctly. 

Then extract files.

Open your favorite web browser and type localhost/your_database_name or in the address bar. (Replace your_database_name with your database name)
Now you’ll see a screen below if you do everything right. Click on “Let’s go!”

Now you’ll see a form to fill. 

1        1)  Enter your database name.

2        2) Enter your MySQL username. Type “root” for this. (This is the default username for MySQL in           Xampp server)

3        3) Enter your MySQL password. Don’t type anything here. (There is no password by default in               Xampp server for MySQL but you can create a password manually)

4        4) Database host: Don’t change this or it won’t work correctly.

5        5) Table Prefix: Don’t change anything here.

  • Now click on submit.

Now you have to enter information about your site. Add some information to continue installation.

     1) Site Title: Give your site name

     2) Username: Fill this very carefully. Enter a username for log your site as administrator. 

     3) Password Twice: Enter a strong password for admin account.

     4) Your E-Mail: Give any active E-Mail address.

*You must remember these login details to log in to your site. If you ever lost your password or username you can get them by an email.
     5) Privacy: If you want to allow your site to index by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and              Bing, tick this box.

  • Finally click “Install Wordpress” for complete installation.
If you did everything right, you will get a success message. Now you can log in to your freshly installed wordpress site with your login details. So enjoy your new site.

Watch this Video !

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