November 4, 2014

Quick AdSense Approval Tips and Tricks

Many blogger know what Google AdSense is and how to earn by it. Also some of bloggers and web site owners make websites and blogs only for AdSense. We called them MFA (Made for AdSense). AdSense is the best paying PPC program ever in internet. But we can’t get it easily. We have to do many things to get it.

Some bloggers and web owners is trying and trying to get approve by Google for AdSense to their sites. But some of them can’t get AdSense. By the way, if you want to get quick AdSense approval by Google, you must have completed some steps before apply for AdSense.

1) Adding essential web pages to blog/web site

There are some essential web pages you must have especially if you’re looking for get quick approved for AdSense. They are,
  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sitemap

These web pages are very essential to a blog or web site looking for AdSense. You can easily create these pages or follow our articles for more information. 

2) Having a good PageRank (PR)

Having a good PageRank (PR) is very important for AdSense. Alexa ranking and Google PR is very essential for AdSense because of Google like to approve web or blog sites which have good PageRank. If your site has low PageRank, first increase your PR and then apply for AdSense. It is very important for get quick AdSense approval.
If you don’t know how to increase PR quickly first follow my posts about SEO and then try to increase PR by doing them.

3) Professional Look

  • You must create your web/blog site with professional look. Use the following tips for build your web/blog site more professionally. 
  • Always choose a theme/template relevant to your blog’s content. In here, it’s better if you choose a light color theme like white. (AdSense likes white color themes than others.)
  • Remove all extra widgets and plugins (Wordpress) to get professional look. Also don’t add lots of flash content to your site, because of flash contents (banners, flash clocks and other effects) takes lots of time to load the page. So always try to reduce flash contents. And also don’t add unwanted widgets everywhere, just only add essential widgets like popular posts, archive, recent comments, social media box etc.
  • Loading time must be low than 5 seconds. Loading time of your web/blog is very important for professional look of your site because of many of popular sites load quickly in 2-4 seconds. You can remove unwanted widgets and especially flash content to reduce loading time.

4) Having a good domain name

Domain name is the heart of any web/blog site. We must have a good domain especially if we’re trying to get Google AdSense. If you using blogger, (BlogSpot) you may have a subdomain ( or sometimes if you’re using free web hosting service, you may have a subdomain name. But in here, Google likes top level domains (.com/.net/.org/.info) than subdomains. So if you can buy a top level domain you can get easy and quick approval Google AdSense. But if your subdomain (Especially has good traffic and PageRank you don’t want to buy a new domain.

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5) Minimum Traffic to your site (Daily Visitors)

If your blog or web site is newer, sometimes it may have not much visitors and traffic. First you have to build your audience then apply for AdSense. I suggest if you haven’t much visitors first increase your traffic, I think our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) posts will help you. You must have at least 100 visitors per a day before apply for AdSense. You must remember to only get real traffic (Never get paid traffic).

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6) Minimum Content (Minimum posts)

Before you apply AdSense, your blog must have at least 15 posts. Never apply AdSense without enough content (Blog Posts) in your site. And also don`t write short, copied, non-relevant posts etc. Always write quality content with your own ideas.

7) Blog’s/Website’s Age

Never apply AdSense for new sites and you’ll never get AdSense. Your site must old 6 months or more. You can upgrade and develop your site till it passes 6 months.

8) Other advertisements services in your site

You must remove all other advertisements (Bidvertiser, infolinks, Buy Sell Ads) before apply for AdSense. After you get AdSense you can add those advertisements like before.

# Other useful tips you must know!
  • Don’t write illegible, adult contents.
  • Don’t publish copied content from other sites. If you have to publish some text, you must put a link to original source. Always try to publish unique and own content.
  • Always write SEO friendly posts.
  • You must be older than 18.
  • Don’t give backlinks to unwanted sites (Adult sites, unsafe sites) and don’t build backlinks to your site from them.
  • Never get paid traffic to your site. It may cause to ban your AdSense account.

That’s enough! You can easily get AdSense by following my post. If you get anything useful, share this article and feedback!