November 19, 2014

Must Have Web Pages in a Blog or site

Another special point every blogger must know.
There’re some essential web pages in a blog. They must have in your site.

   1) About Page
   2) Contact Page
   3) Privacy Policy Page
   4) Category Page
   5) Sitemap

By adding these pages to your site, you will get many advantages.
  • Visitors can contact you or request something easily.
  • Visitors can easily see your site’s state, owner, services and other information.
  • Visitors and users can easily navigate and find posts in your site.
  • If you’re trying to get any Ad publishing service to your site like AdSense, then you must have Privacy policy page.
These are the main and essential web pages you must have.


  1. Can you post something to know us, how to add these pages?

    1. I will post few articles about how to add these pages to blogger one by one. Just wait few days. :)