October 2, 2014

Simple HTML Highlighter for Blogger

Hi guys, after a long time I come back to my blog with a great widget for any of blogger users. This widget is very essential if you're using HTML or PHP or CSS or any other codes in your blog posts. So, this is very easy HTML Code Highlighter for blogger users. Let's see how to add this blogger widget by easy steps.


  • Easy to use. No need to touch any codes in your blogger template to add this widget.
  • Light weight and don't give any effect to blog's loading speed.
  • Highlight codes when mouse over it or click on it.
  • We can change number of columns and rows as your wish.
  • We can add this widget to anywhere in our blog; in blog posts, as a widget etc.
How to add
  • Log in to your blogger account.
To add this widget into a blog post, click on compose tag in the typing tools. Then switch it to HTML mode and copy the following codes into it and get a preview for confirmation.

<br />
<textarea rows="10" cols="65" onfocus="this.select()" onmouseover="this.focus()" style="display: inline;" name="txt" onclick="this.focus();this.select()">ADD YOUR CODES HERE
</textarea><br />
<br />

  • Replace 10 with your amount of rows.
  • Replace 65 with your amount of columns. 
  • So everything is finish now and you see, this is very easy codes highlighter for everyone.
    Use this and feedback us by commenting and sharing this trick with your friends.

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