September 9, 2014

Best Blogging Platforms in the World

In these days, there are lots of bloggers in Internet. Also there are many blogging platforms. As a blogger, many people thing blogging is just creating a BlogSpot blog (They think, blogger is the only blogging platform). As bloggers we must know what are the blogging platforms, advantages and disadvantages of them and what we should select. In these days, following platforms are the most popular blogging platforms.

These are the most popular blogging platforms. Wordpress ( is the best blogging platform ever in the world. Because of there are lots of advantages than others (especially than blogger). Let’s see what the differences between Wordpress and blogger are.

# Blogger (BlogSpot)

Blogger is a fully free blogging platform provided by Google Inc. This is the best and most popular free blogging platform. Blogger is very good for new bloggers to get a basic knowledge for blogging. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of blogger.

  • Fully free service.
  • No need to host or get a domain.
  • Site is safe, because of these servers are owned by Google Inc. (Till you keep your E-mail safety)
  • Easy to use, has user friendly dashboard.

  • Low supports for SEO.
  • Themes are poor with features. (Can’t use login, register sections etc.)
  • Don’t allow plugins.
  • We have to edit HTML codes manually.
  • Support only HTML and CSS. We can’t use PHP or any other web designing language.

# Wordpress (

There are two main sections of Wordpress. One is and other is is very primary and simple blogging platform. Blogger is better than it. In here, we discuss about
Wordpress ( is also fully free service. It’s not only a blogging platform, but also it is a CMS (Content Management System) and we can use it for build any kind of website. In these days 60million websites are made with wordpress. The reason is wordpress is very powerful system for build websites and have many advantages of using it.

  • 100% SEO friendly

Easy to optimize traffic and improve SEO. There are lots of plugins to optimize SEO and you can use them easily. No needs to work hard for get traffic like blogger. And also most of wordpress themes are SEO friendly.
  • Easy to find wordpress themes

There are thousands of quality themes. No need to buy, free themes are also very good making a beautiful web site. And you can get any kind of theme relevant to your website.
  • We can make any kind of website. (Online shopping Centre, software downloading site, personal blog, video blog, social network and any professional website)

  • Trust and respect

If you’re think to start ads publishing website for make money, so wordpress is the best way to make your website. Because of you can quickly approve your website for it (AdSense, Buy sell ads, Chitika). The cause for it is they respect and trust wordpress than blogger or other blogging platforms.
  • Allow to use plugins.

Wordpress plugins are very helpful to make our website more attractive and more services. We don’t want to edit HTML codes like blogger to do anything. You can get thousands of plugins for various works. Most of wordpress plugins are free but if you want to get premium features you can buy them.
  • Wordpress support.

We can find answers easily for any problems we faced in wordpress by visiting their support forum.

  • You need to buy a domain.

Wordpress is a free blogging platform, but you have to buy a domain name for your website because free domains or subdomains are not match with wordpress site.
  • You need to get paid web hosting service.

You must have to get a paid web hosting service for host your site. When buying a web hosting service, you must choose a hosting plan relevant to your site.
  • You must give more attention to site safety.

Wordpress websites are host by private web servers (Host Gator, Blue host). And any hacker can hack and break down your website by hacking attack. So you have to give more attention to site safety.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of wordpress and blogger. I suggest for new bloggers, use blogger service first and when you got more experience on blogging, you can migrate to wordpress.

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