August 31, 2014

How to write Blog Posts SEO friendly

write seo friendly posts

Before read this post, Read basic SEO guide for newbloggers.

As a blogger you are writing blog posts. But are you have good traffic to your blog posts? Sometimes it may be NO. The cause is your blog is poor of SEO. So, if we’re thinking to get more visitors or traffic to our blog posts, we must optimize our blog for Search engine optimization. There are lots of works to do for that, but I think to discuss with you how to write a blog post SEO friendly. Writing a good SEO friendly content we must do something different work rather than a normal blog post.

1) Write for targeted keywords.

This is very important thing we must do when writing a blog post. If you’re thinking to write a post to your blog, first you must think about it and then find a good keyword for it. When you’re choosing a good keyword, choose relevant to your blog or website topic and timely keyword. As an example I’m going to write about blogger SEO. Now that is good targeted keyword for my blog post because of in these days many of blog and web owners search for SEO, specially blogger users search for blogger SEO. So now, it’s easy to index my blog post by search engines. Most important thing is, always choose timely and relevant keywords to your blog topic and category.

2) Add an attractive title for blog post.

Title of a blog post is very helpful to increase traffic. The cause is people are choosing beautiful and attractive things more than its content quality. And also when somebody sees our blog post in search results, he first sees our blog post title and then visits it. If we make our blog post title more attractive, we can easily get that visitor to our link. You must remember to keep blog post title characters below 160.

3) Write long content.

This is very important for increase SEO and getting indexed by search engines. When we’re writing a blog post, there is no law to write short or long content. But search engines are very liked to index long content. If you want to write your blog post SEO friendly, I suggest you to write at least 300 words per a post. But if you’re doing a photographic or video blog, you can’t write a long content. But doesn’t worry, in a photographic or video blog, search engines give more attention to photos and videos so you don’t want to write long contents. But other bloggers must write at least 300 words per a post to get more attention from search engines.

4)Write your own and quality content.

When writing a blog post, you must write only your own content. This tip is also very important for SEO friendly blog post and increase traffic from search engines. Also your content must have good quality content. Some bad bloggers (robbers) steal content from other blogs and republish them on their blogs. It’s very bad thing for different ways. One way is if the real owners of these copied content, report these blogs to DMCA and the robbers will have problems. And the other way is search engines are expecting to own and not copied content. So, search engines give more attention to our own content. When you’re writing a blog post, you must write it with correct spelling and grammar according to your language, but this is very important for English blogs which makes for AdSense.

5) Add labels/Categories/Tags relevant to article.

Labels (in blogger), tags and categories (in wordpress) are doing a very important job to increase SEO. So we must add relevant labels, tags and categories to our blog posts. In blogger, we can use maximum 20 labels per a post. We should add only relevant labels to blog posts. As an example I write this post about how to make blog post SEO friendly, so I must use bloggerSEO, on page optimization, Search engine optimization, BlogSpot SEO like that.

6) Use targeted keyword in several places in blog post.

In first tip I have told you to choose a good keyword for writing a blog post. Then when we’re writing post, we can put that keyword in several lines. This tip is very valuable for getting attention of search engines and this tip is for all bloggers (blogger, wordpress and others). When you’re adding that targeted keyword, you must put it as normal sentence. Never put it again and again in lots of time. If you do that, search engines mark it as spam and your blog and blog posts are never index by search engines. So you have to use the targeted keyword according to your content size (best size is 1% per 100 words).

7) Adding custom permalinks to blog posts.

The permalinks of a blog post is very important for increasing SEO and viewing in search results. So we have to optimize permalinks of blog posts for SEO friendly. Now most of blogging platforms (blogger, wordpress) allow adding custom permalinks to blog posts.
  • Let’s see how to change permalinks in Wordpress.

Dashboard >> Settings >> Permalinks
Then change Default permalink to post name.

If you want to change permalink while writing a blog post, use the permalink edit button to do it.

In blogger you can easily change permalinks when you are writing a post (In right sidebar). The default blogger permalinks are made with our blog post title or sometimes if you add your blog post title later, the blogger gets first words of your post to make the permalink. Especially if you write a blog post from other language (Non English), the permalink is never being SEO friendly.  That’s not good for SEO friendly blog post. So you must change default permalinks in your blogging platform.

8) Link building in blog post.

This is a simple trick for a SEO friendly blog post but this is really great thing you must do if you want more visitors. When you’re writing a blog post, you can make links to related posts/labels/tags/categories/pages or another link to other website. Also if you write a long post, you can make links between lines in your blog post. When you’re making a link to another post, it’s better if you make it for newer content. You can make links from most popular posts to new or non-popular posts and it’s a good way to get visitors to non-popular or new posts easily. By this link making method, search engines can index more links by searching one post on your site.
When you make a link to related post or tags, you can use words like “You must read”, “You may also like“, “Read this before”.

These are the main tips for write SEO friendly blog posts and you can improve your traffic and SEO easily without any hard work. See you with another good article.