August 19, 2014

Basic SEO guide for new bloggers

SEO, SEO is the most important section of blogging and maintaining web sites. Everybody knows what is SEO and importance of SEO. But most of bloggers and web site owners especially newbies for blogging still don`t know what is right SEO and how to use it correct. So today I think to write about what is SEO.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is very important section because of it is the easiest way to take visitors to our blogs and web sites from search engines especially from Google. If we do right SEO, it`s very easy to get visitors from Google and other search engines. When the first time I started blogging, I don`t know what is SEO and I never give my attention to it. And I have no visitors to my blogs. But now I know what SEO is and how to use it correctly.

Somebodies think SEO is just only adding Meta tags, and Meta description, but is permanently wrong. Because there are lots of works we have to do. I summarized the main sections of SEO for bloggers (especially for blogger users).

1) On page Optimization

  • Choose a good topic for blog posts
  • Writing long posts [Minimum 300 words]
  • Adding robots.txt to blogger
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Adding Meta keywords and description to posts
  • Optimize blogger template for SEO
  • Adding Meta tags to blogger template
  • Optimize links [In your blog] for SEO

2) Off page Optimization

  •  Making back-links
  • Using social web sites to get traffic
  • Using web master tools
  • Using bookmarking sites
  • Submitting blog to Directory Submission sites

These are the main summary of whole Search Engine Optimization program.
So we have to do these things to get more visitors and good page rank in Google and Alexa.
I will describe all of these sections one by one in next few posts.

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